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Corporate Breaks

Corporate and Team Building events are proving very popular nowadays, with more and more companies taking advantage of the benefits of tennis training camps to build better relationships, with their in house teams & potential clients.

Tennis is a social sport that will help you to reinforce relationships in your business and differenciate your company from your competitors.

Integrating sports in your corporate trips will probably make some people on your team get out of their comfort zone and maybe find some skills on them that they didn麓t even know.

We realise that as a business you are very busy and pushed for time to meet deadlines. That is why we tailor make your corporate event to suit you. Just let us know what type of event you want you ie play doubles, mixed doubles, Cardio tennis, play a tournament or even see a tournament and we will do the rest.

Whether you are looking to bring a team to Spain for a week, weekend or even just a day we can provide you with the best training and facilities in Mallorca.

Instead of having that meeting in the office why not try it on the tennis court. You never know you may achieve more than you think!